Fastpoholmen - the story

The beginning –’En Stund’

All FastPoHolmens music emanates from Adam Fastholms songs and compositions.

He creates music with influences from a diversity of genres from Mali- blues to Swedish folk, from reggae to jazz and electronic. Sung in Swedish. Adam is Danish but grew up in Sweden. Together with his cousin, singer Dawn Fastholm he founded Fastpoholmen in 2007.

July 2010 FastPoHolmen released their debut album En Stund (a little while) on the newly established record label ' Free Kids Records ' housed in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Spring 2011 En Stund was re-released on a new distribution label. At this time the album got many good reviews and the band were booked for ‘Spot festival’ and concerts around Denmark and southern Sweden.

The track Himlen was voted into the charts of the national Danish Radios listener based chart ‘The Electric Barometer’ and stayed on the top for 10 weeks. Another track from the Album, Min Kära, was the most played song on Danish radio channel P6 in May 2011 and the newspaper Urban nominated the album for one of 2011 best Danish albums.

A new big Fastpoholmen – Roskilde Festival

Up onto the first release of En Stund FastPoHolmen was mostly a duo, sometimes backed by their musician friends and family. But as the album achieved success, the clubs and festivals wanted to see Fastpoholmen live. New bandmembers came along, and at Roskilde Festival 2011, FastPoHolmen presented themselves as an 8 person band for the first time. From then on forward Fastpoholmen was, besides Adam and Dawn, Thomas Fløe Nielsen, Kristoffer Sidenius, Jay Habib, Trine Trash, Kristian Rinck - Henriksen and Anders Juhl Nielsen.

The Roskilde concert reaped great reviews from major newspapers and music magazines and created interest for several concerts around Scandinavia,

Andas In – Danish Music Award

In the spring of 2012 the band began the preparations for a new album.
Spring, summer and autumn - evenings and nights were spent in the Compound studio in Nørrebro Copenhagen together with producer and engineer Thomas Fritsche.
With one clear dogma, don’t compromise; keep experimenting until it’s right. In mid-March 2013, Fastpoholmen released their second album, Andas In (Breathe In) and got many great reviews in Danish and now also Swedish papers and magazines. The release was followed by intense touring.

November 2013 Andas In won the Danish Music Award 2013 – for Best World Album.


Mumin – Fusion & Urkult

Throughout winter and spring 2014, Adam produced tracks for a EP- production.
The EP carried the name Mumin and contained 6 powerful songs, ranging from small intimate afro / folk songs to more electronic dark and introverted tracks not sucking up to the listeners.

The wide spectre of Fastpoholmens music was visible in the variety of venues the played at on their summertour 2014.
The played at Præstø Folk Festival, the electronic German Fusion Festival, intimate Himmelstorm festival, worldmusic-festival Urkult i Swedish Ångermanland, Copenhagen Jazz Festival and Scandinavia Reggae Festival in Copenhagen.

Over 1.million annual streams - Tilsammans är vi bra

February 2016 Fastpoholmens third Studio album Drömmer Du? was released.
11 strong tracks recorded in Copenhagen and the song Tillsammans är vi bra from the album has quickly become one of Fastpoholmens most streamed tracks.

Which leads to that Fastpoholmen streams has increased to 1.2 million in the last year.
In comparison, the figure was 800,000 in 2015.

DuDu & Yakari

November 2018 Fastpoholmen released the Danish-languaged single DuDu, which got really good attention, was added to many playlists and among other things, got steady airplay on danish radio.

In March 2019, they followed up with another 4 tracks on the EP Yakari.

The title tune Yakari is a spherical and cheerful naivistic song about childhood dreams and free play. The EP as a whole carried a mood of melancholy and dystopia. Adam's text and mood universe was on Yakari seeking and searching.

For the Danish listeners, it seemed to add a new dimension to the songs that they were written in Danish.

Camping Orchestern

On June 1st, the first single from the forthcoming album Camping Orchestern was be released. The single carries the title tune of Camping Orchestern.
The new album is a quite different universe, a cheerfully playful retro camping universe that draws strands to the eighties and early nineties, with Swedish nostagia and new electronic toys. Dance friendly, intimate and playful.

The album Camping Orchestern, set for release on September 5, 2019, is a collection of new tracks created from Adam's conception of how childhood summer vacation feelings would sound like music.